The three works Of Atreus

2 min readDec 14, 2022

Atreus is not only a king in Greek mythology, but also the name of a short-lived New York house label that was active in the early 90s and put out three 12“ singles.

Moodswings — Works Of Atreus

The most sought-after release certainly is Moodswings’ Works Of Atreus from 1991. It features four tracks, starting off with The Jazz Man. This one is included on the Out of The Blue compilation put together by London-based DJ, composer and producer Phil Mison and released on Leng Records in 2017. The second track Time Warp also appeared on a compilation earlier this year: Young Marcos’ Planet Love Vol. Two, released on his very own label, Safe Trip. While both of these tracks are deep and driving four-to-the-floor cuts, the flipside offers some variety. Happy is a — surprise, surprise — quite happy sounding piano house piece, while the closing tune, The 6 Train, is — thanks to its beautiful breakbeat rhythm — the most popular one from the record.

According to Discogs, Moodswings is an alias of Joseph Bernard II aka Joe Bernard aka the mastermind behind the Atreus label. He’s the only person who is credited in all three releases, mostly as a producer and writer.

Lianta — It’s Too Late

Lisbeth Roman, aka Lianta, not only helped produce Works Of Atreus, she also released her own 12" It’s Too Late on Atreus. The release date is unknown, but one can assume that it was also released around 1990. Unfortunately there is only one mix on YouTube, but sometimes a single one can be all you need to know that the whole record is a masterpiece and the Atreus I mix surely hits the spot.

Rahsun — It’s Over 4U

The third and final record It’s Over 4U by Rahsun is a bit secret as no clip from this record is publicly available on YouTube. Luckily, I can offer you an unlisted upload of the Club Mix. It is an absolutely classic example of New York House and comes with great vocals plus lots of variety within the track. So all that’s left to say is enjoy the music.

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