KollektivX Weekly Rare Record Round-up #1

3 min readDec 12, 2022

5 Recent favourites from the KollektivX platform, all forgotten sounds deserving to be preserved.

In this weekly round-up series, I’m going to pick five of my favourite recent projects currently being funded on KollektivX to shine a light on some of the amazing records being discovered and preserved by the community. If you want to learn more on how to start a project yourself, you can join the movement via the link at the bottom of this article.

But enough about that, let’s get to listening!

Steve Gabsi — Jojo

Let’s kick things off with the silky smooth French synth pop from Steve Gabsi. Downtempo grooves for all fans of Balearic sounds, with a particularly seductive saxophone line and some fine female vocals to boot. This 12" Maxi single includes the original, an extended cut and the wonderful instrumental featured below.

James Cockerham — God Is Ever Moving On

As you may have seen, the month of December on KollektivX is all about the “Holy Month” initiative.

A holy grail is a record that is considered to be a legend in its genre. A true piece of art that rarely pops up in the wild. Absolutely stunning pieces of music that, at the moment, seem to slip through the cracks on the platform or end up on the verge of being funded before the project ends.

From a musical heritage perspective, these are some of the most interesting records we see on KollektivX. But, at often higher prices than the current average project.

During Holy Month, we will be trying to preserve one holy grail album per day, with an extended funding period of 1 month, which will allow interested music lovers to take the time to get to know the music before deciding if they want to help in preserving it.

Do you have an album in mind that fits our description above and that you’ve always wanted to add to your collection?

Send us a ‘Holy Grail’ email at editor@kollektivx.com with a short description of the album and a Discogs link, and if it fits our criteria, we will even launch the project for you.

My personal favourite from the first wave of Holy Grail Records has to be the sublime offering from James Cockerham — God Is Ever Moving On. A truly gorgeous gospel record (well it is Holy Month after all…). 9 tracks of beautiful arrangements, lush choirs and all meticulously recorded, this is a very special record and befitting of the Holy Grail tag.

Beat Voice — This Is The Party

Fast paced Italo-House resplendent with piano stabs and an acid synth lead, this is a real stomper that will have the crowds roaring. Released on Space Records in 1990, Beat Voice’s ‘This Is The Party’ was made for the club and would be a welcome addition to any DJ’s bag. Simple as that!

Todd Thompson & Terry Taylor — Don’t Fall

Serene vocal harmonies accompanied by slow drum machines and fluid synth lines make for a great record. Todd And Terry - Don’t Fall is a great example of later boogie, a style I personally really have a lot of love for. If you fancy learning more about boogie or finding some new favourites, I recently dedicated an entire article to it.

This hard to find record comes straight from on our members collection and we’re keen to learn more about it! If you happen to have any information about Todd Thompson, Terry Tailor or Inside Records, we would love to hear from you at contact@kollektivx.com.”

Tri Spiritual Experience - Platform City / Phunktuary

Dancefloor ready breakbeat hailing from the States, this track from Tri Spirtual Experience was released in 1996. The A-side has swirly, aquatic synths that compliment the driving beat, whereas the B-side sees mellow basslines dance with funky guitars. The community has attempted to preserve this record a couple of times before, and I truly hope we will make it this time.

And that concludes this first weekly round-up, folks! I’ll see you again in seven days with more wonderful music.

Until then, happy digging!

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