KollektivX Mix Series 001 — Taelyn: Lost Lovers Rock Records for Valentine’s Day

4 min readFeb 14, 2023

KollektivX is all about rare records, and what better way to showcase these gems than a mix series? In this monthly series, we’ll be inviting some of our favourite selectors and diggers to create a mix of their favourite records and interview them to learn a little more about some of their picks and their thoughts on all things music.

Kicking off the first instalment is Seoul based selector, Taelyn. She has been making waves with her choice selections, variety and guest radio appearances on stations such as Radio Tempo Não Pára and Amok Radio alongside contributions to long-standing mix series such as Under The Apricot Tree and CTW Podcasts. We had the pleasure of speaking with Taelyn to get their story.

Heya Taelyn, how have you been recently? tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, playing lots of music as usual! I’m Taelyn and I’m active in Seoul’s under-ground dance music scene. I mainly play Balearic, Synth-wave, Dub, Leftfield, and Middle Eastern music. While I was preparing, I surfed KollektivX a lot, It’s very interesting and thank you for having me, it’s a great opportunity !

This mix is focused on my hidden gems — reggae, dub, lovers rock, and some of my balearic collection. Hope you enjoy it !

We’ve been loving your mix over here at KollektivX , could you Pick one standout track from your mix and tell us why you like it so much?

R.A.P.P — Oh, Afrika

As the first track of this mix, it’s the reggae music released in 1982. and it’s the only album released by this artist, so it’s worth collecting. There are even hidden gems in the album, such as dub poetry and reggae-rock. Lately I got it as a gift and it’s one of my favorite.

What’s on the menu for music when you wake up?

It depends on how I feel, usually I listen to AOR, Softrock, or Balearic music.

It would be great to know some of your favourite mix series, radio shows and labels:

A label everyone should check out?

5918mins — They have a good sense of identity for the channel and you can hear the variety of selections from various DJs and selectors.

A mix series you eagerly await their next upload?

I really enjoy JD Twitch(Optiomo) and Maybetonight as they are very impressive and inspired. Always waiting for their next upload!

A radio show that always brightens your day?

Dream chimney and Music From Memory. They’re both great listens and I think it’s the best Easy-listening show perfect for the morning or afternoon

What would be the first record you buy if money was no object?

Currently, there are not many records that I want among the more expensive editions. However, if money is no object, I wanna start collecting the Kwaito genre.

Is there a particular record in your collection you treasure the most?

Joël Prévost — Vanillia (7”)

It’s a French balearic record I bought for my first guest mix!

When did you get into collecting and digging for records?

It was around the same time I got into DJing, which was around 3 years ago so not too long. As my musical tastes widened, I naturally began to buy more and explore different styles. These days I prefer collecting world-music rather than dance music, it’s more fun.

Do you have a favourite spot for digging at the moment?

There are two places in Seoul that I love the most, Clique Records and Mosaic Records. It’s interesting that the boss is French in both places, they’re both great record stores and deal with the a vareity of genres, not only new releases but also old rare records and leftfield music.

What’s the digging culture like in Seoul, any tips for fellow locals?

There are more and more new record shops in Seoul, but visiting local markets in the suburbs is a great way to find something reasonably priced and rarer. You can find rare and obscure records at an old store that sells used books too.

What are your thoughts regarding reselling culture (discogs, KollectivX etc) and the state of music consumption generally?

If it is a reselling culture that focuses on the value of collecting, I’m all for it. With more transactions on sites such as these, the database of records is piling up, and not only do we know what’s more valuable, but we also have the opportunity to bump into hidden gems.

Any exciting plans coming up?

I’m preparing for a new studio with my music mates. We’re going to run a new party and small radio show or label (YouTube or SC) so keep an eye out!

You can listen to Taelyn’s full mix on the KollektivX SoundCloud page and be sure to check out their page too: soundcloud.com/taelyns

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